The change driver transforms individuals and organizations through the
purposeful learning, practicing and playing of golf.

We change the game of golf into an activity that develops talent, strengthens teams and enhances organizational cultures. Our unique Purposeful Golf Playshops (workshops) and Beyond the Ball coaching methods are designed to:

  • build trust
  • leverage diversity
  • promote ethical competition
  • inspire constant improvement
  • stimulate creativity
  • spark innovation
  • infuse change
  • trigger knowledge transforms
  • displace egos and fiefdoms
  • enliven networking

…all while invigorating physical, mental and spiritual health.

Golf is often perceived by organizations as a frivolous, social boondoggle. The Change Driver is innovative coaching for organizations to leverage the game as a talent management and organizational developmental tool, changing the game into a performance-enchancing, competitive business advantage for visionary organizations.

Our Playshops are simple and cost-effective to initiate at any level of your organization. Please explore the site for more information on our programs, and contact us to arrange for your first session today.